Blog 2018/19

Week 6: Emma Hastings, Wales Millenium Centre

Emma creative intern

These past few weeks have absolutely flown by! There hasn’t been a dull moment and the internship has surpassed any expectations I had! We’ve passed the one-month marker, set up future goals and ambitions and I really feel like it’s coming together; it’s ‘clicked’.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting one of our funders who have supported us for several years now, and I’ve volunteered as an usher, which was a really great opportunity and motivator as to why we do what we do.  As I’ve been predominantly working in Trusts and Foundations, which is arguably the most ‘desk-orientated’ of the fundraising areas, these interactions outside of the office have been very inspirational.

In addition to general admin, applications and re-writes, I’ve been working on re-vamping our Creative Learning Platfform application templates, to show visible correlation between our proposals and at our new website. I attended Arts & Business’ Digital Strategy Course, in partnership with Spindogs which was genuinely useful for insight on the visual impact of aesthetics and the non-verbal communication occurring through branding design.

We have hosted some corporate events within the Centre, which have been great to see in full swing, meeting and greeting potential sponsors and get a flavour of the on-going event management involved in fundraising. Outside the Centre I’ve been trying to get involved with the wider fundraising family, attending an IoF event ‘Raise and Wine’, an evening version of their breakfast event ‘Raise and Shine’ which was really insightful and I would recommend to any fundraising friend!

Week 5: Megan Stokes, Theatr Clwyd

Megan creative intern

This month, I attended my first Season Launch. This is an event run by the development department, exclusively for Theatr Clwyd members where we reveal what shows will take place in the next few months. It was good to see what work goes into running an event.

As part of the internship, we are invited to all A&B Cymru’s training courses. I attended two seminars on membership and individual giving. They were extremely useful as I have been researching ideas to revamp the current membership scheme at Theatr Clwyd.

It’s been a busy month doing lots of different tasks. I helped with the gift aid claim which involved ironing out any problems in the system that had flagged up. I have also started working on a proposal of ideas to market the development schemes and donating to the public around the theatre.

We are also in the middle of planning Panto Guest Night where we are trying to create fun activities for guests that would encourage donations to the Theatr Clwyd Trust.

I had the responsibility to write the very first staff newsletter where we celebrate everyone’s successes and share information. I had my first meeting with my business mentor where we talked about all my professional and personal goals for the next 10 months.

megan graduation

On Friday, I took the day off work for something very exciting – my graduation! I had my graduation ceremony for my illustration degree which made me very proud.

Week 4: Gwenan Jenkins-Jones, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Gwenan Creative Intern

It's an exciting time to work at the College and after having had a taster of several projects over the past month it's hard to know where to start!

The first thing that struck me after starting here was that the work of the development department extends beyond the boundaries of Wales. For example, I have been investigating ways to strengthen our links with America and have been devising a show program that will showcase the talent of our students in London.

Organising special events such as this is a crucial part of fundraising. I have produced and translated invitations to events for our faithful Contact members, as well as collaborating on projects to attract new audiences to the College such as our series of concerts suitable for people with dementia.

I've also helped the department organise a special event which will take place in a few months. It cannot be detailed at the moment because the information is top- secret but everything will be revealed by Christmas, I promise!

All of this has meant I've been very busy. In fact, as music seeps through into the office from the practice rooms, I feel even more passionate about raising money for the College and its students and I look forward to what's ahead.

Week 3: Sara Wiliam, Rubicon Dance

Sara Creative Intern

Here I am at the end of my third week at Rubicon Dance - I’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks! Working in a busy environment is challenging but a lot of fun. My main task over the coming months will be raising money for a capital building project in the old Roath library.

During my first week, Rubicon held an event at the Senedd to promote the company and the capital project. This was also an opportunity to get to know people in the fundraising field and I was invited to join the Cardiff Development Forum. I'm looking forward to attending next month's meeting.

I have also been working on a new fundraising strategy for Rubicon, focusing on raising funds in the community. The community is an integral part of Rubicon's work and, therefore, to ensure that the community is aware of the fundraising scheme, I have made a notice board in Rubicon with tips on how the community can join in the fundraising.

Sara Noticeboard

I also completed my first bid for funding and I found that that application had reached the next stage of the competition process! The next step will be to get the public to vote for Rubicon. Votes are open from October 23 to November 20.

This week I've been thinking of ways to secure the votes as well as having a beneficial meeting with my business mentor, Lynne Sheehy from Legal & General. I look forward to getting useful advice from her over the coming months!

Week 2: Emma Hastings, Wales Millenium Centre

Emma creative intern

Week two of the internship program is well and truly underway at WMC (Wales Millennium Centre)! Where to start?

It’s been a great first couple of weeks; I’ve been working as part of the development team to help fundraise for the Centre’s extensive charitable work.  The team is split into smaller sub-sections: Corporate, Individual giving, and Trust and Foundations. Each of which I’ll be supporting for a ‘taster’ three-month period but have been working primarily within Trust and Foundations with my line manager Mike.

The team is lovely – and really understanding of my severe lack of knowledge of all things fundraising. The Centre, being the National Arts Centre of Wales is constantly a buzz of activity. Within the first two weeks there’s been an opening launch of the Nelson Mandela exhibition for Black History Month – a great opportunity to meet some of the sponsors and members and see how the space can be used at the Centre. Also it’s been Health and Well-being Week consisting of massages, body MOT’s and walks, and my most favourite team tradition - the Friday morning Gregg’s run!

Mandela Exhibition at WMC

It has been a blast – and work is well underway researching different trusts that have potential for supporting the WMC and getting to grips with the aims and the multiple outreach programmes already happening! I’m excited to have started my own proposal (with help!) for their Creative Learning Programme; ‘Behind the Platfform’.

Watch this space!

Week 1: Megan Stokes, Theatr Clwyd

Megan Stokes

The reason this internship interested me is that it I wanted to take my passion for the arts and inspire the public to appreciate it as much as I do.  A career in fundraising seemed like the perfect place to do that.

Before the internship started, I had little experience of fundraising. Week one is complete, and I already feel like I know loads more than when I started.

I was thrilled to find out that I had been matched with Theatr Clwyd as I have visited many times in the past.

I am working in a small department with Daniel, Claire and Amy who are very encouraging and have welcomed me into their team. On day one, we did a ‘meet and greet’ with the cast of ‘Thick as Thieves’ where I received a round of applause which was a very fitting theatrical introduction on my first day!

The main things I learnt in my first week have been how to develop relationships with customers and learn about them as individuals. I also learnt how to research companies to see whether they could be potential donors or sponsors.

The highlights of my week were seeing a performance of ‘Lord of the Flies’ after work and attending a rehearsal event for ‘Thick as Thieves’. This was an event for members of Theatr Clwyd to see actors and directors rehearsing their scenes to get a deeper understanding of the theatre.

Lord of the Flies, Theatr Clwyd