Case Studies


Richard Thorne is the Group HR Manager at Admiral. He has many skills but felt some were under-used, particularly his Customer Care expertise. At the same time, Carmarthenshire Theatres had identified a need to develop its Box Office team. They were displaying a substantial lack of skills and confidence in dealing with complaints, awkward customers, closing transactions and up selling. They were also sporadic in the way information about productions was distributed.

Richard worked closely with the team for 6 months and the results exceeded expectations, including:

  • A dramatic decline in customer complaints
  • A 65% increase in the number of Loyalty Card registrations, theatres voucher sales and multiple event discount sales.
  • A monthly team meeting was put in place to discuss the marketing strategy of all productions
  • An e-mail ticketing service was established which has proved a highly effective sales tool.

Richard was sympathetic, diplomatic, empathetic and professional. He made me realise how crucial the box office team is to the success of the organisation and that you are never too old to learn. He has also given us the tools and knowledge to develop ourselves further. Thanks to Richard we are now a much better box office team. Box office employee, Carmarthenshire Theatres

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