Case Studies


Family run Peninsula Home Improvements is a long term supporter of the arts. Its partnership with Katy Morgan Photography had several aims – raising profile, enhancing the working environment and motivating and developing employees. Peninsula commissioned Katy and artist John Butland Morgan to work with staff on installing company products in unusual settings and photographing them. Despite initial scepticism from fitters, the project exceeded expectations, and resulted in an exhibition of memorable pictures which are displayed at the business’ showroom.

The business saw a number of direct benefits as a direct result of the partnership in terms of direct sales, company branding and staff motivation and development, as follows:

  • Press coverage brought new sales leads. One customer commented “I saw the piece about Peninsula in the local paper and I thought, wow that’s the kind of company I want to do business with”.
  • The exhibition has proved to be a valuable talking point for visiting customers, suppliers and other networks. The project positively impacted on the Peninsula brand as creative and different from the standard of competitors in the area. The staff exhibition also demonstrated the company’s commitment to staff which is often a difficult value to communicate directly and effectively.
  • This is the first time Peninsula exhibited art in the workplace. Staff feedback included: “I love the exhibition, it reminds me every day that we are a highly professional organisation with good ideas and high quality products” and “I quite like seeing my picture around the place to be honest! It’s me working at something that was very tricky to get to look so good! I’m proud of them.”
  • The partners persevered through an initial reluctance from the fitters to get involved. The artists invited them to choose products and locations for the project and were completely professional and approachable throughout. This motivated employees through ownership of the resulting images and provided an innovative development opportunity for them. Many of the installations forced them to think in creative ways and use materials and equipment in ways that they had never done before. One participant commented “It’s been a real eye opener. I had to think about supporting the frame with materials I’ve never used. Working on the rock face was refreshing and different. I felt really good afterwards.” Fitting staff asked for a selection of the images capturing the process to take home and share with their families.
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