Case Studies


RCTCA first worked with Kay Walters, Head of Human Resources at S4C, as a Skills Bank placement to implement new policies and procedures for personnel during a period of organisational restructure. The Deputy Director was seeking advice and support from a business adviser to specifically address appraisals and re-write job descriptions. Kay wished to work with an organisation of a different size and nature to S4C to develop her mentoring and coaching skills and bring those skills back into the workplace to benefit her own organisation.

Kay helped RCTCA re-write all job descriptions and a new appraisal system was put in place, and Kay continues to work with the organisation to develop an Employee Handbook and provide on-going advice on individual matters that arise. She was invited to join the Board and gladly accepted the offer.

‘On a personal level, my initial objective of gaining experience of working with an organisation of a different size and nature to S4C has been invaluable to me. It has helped me to develop my mentoring and coaching skills and has given me more confidence in my ability to advise and mentor a small business through a time of organisational change… Professionally, I hope that the experience I have gained will be of benefit to S4C as it has made me consider how we could perhaps do things differently within the organisation... My experience of working with Julie and Wendy at RCTCA has been a more worthwhile experience than I ever imagined it would be.’ Kay Walters, S4C

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