Case Studies


Having registered with the Arts & Business Cymru Board Bank to gain experience in the not for profit sector, to further understanding of working as part of a board and to use skills more creatively, Tamara’s contribution to Volcano Theatre has been invaluable during a time of huge change for the arts in Wales. Amidst cuts to the Arts Council of Wales revenue funded organisations, Volcano was successful in maintaining its funding relationship with ACW.  The team at Volcano believe that this was in no small way down to Tamara and her straight talking business approach and aptitude for business planning. As a driving force on the board Tamara worked alongside paid staff and fellow board members to take Volcano through several changes including staff and board restructures.

'Tamara made an absolute invaluable contribution to the development of the company in a number of ways at a very significant and sensitive time for the arts in Wales.  Tamara has played a critical part in the creation of the business plan that saw Volcano being taken forward by ACW in their new portfolio of revenue organisations.' Fern Smith, Director

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