Statutory Information

The Arts & Business Cymru group consists of two companies: Arts & Business Cymru (a registered charity - 1143772 - and a company limited by guarantee not having a share capital - England & Wales 7767380), and one wholly-owned subsidiary company (Arts & Business Cymru Trading Limited - England & Wales 7800296). The registered office of both companies is 16 Museum Place, Cardiff, CF10 3BH.

Directors and Charity Trustees

David Morpeth                

Cathy Owens
Shone Hughes

 TJ Rawlinson


  Arwel Gruffydd  David Landen



Louisa Scadden 


  Nkechi Allen-Dawson


Board Diversity Policy

The Board Diversity Policy (“the Policy”) sets out Arts & Business (A&B) Cymru’s ambition to improve diversity, inclusivity and representation in its Governance and Management.

In this context, the term diversity includes the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010, as well as different backgrounds (including socio-economic), languages (Welsh and English), life experiences, career paths and diversity of thought.  

In order to ensure robust and well-rounded decision making, A&B Cymru is determined to achieve an appropriate balance of skills and experience on its Board. All Trustees are expected to display personal attributes such as intellect, critical assessment and judgement, courage, openness, honesty, tact, listening skills and interpersonal abilities.

The Board is committed to ensuring that the work of A&B Cymru draws on and reflects the full range of backgrounds and perspectives to be found in our society, as well as ensuring that its leadership and workforce reflects the diversity of contemporary Wales. Achieving this ambition will increase public confidence in the charity and help the Board to better overcome the challenges it faces, with a broader mix of skills and knowledge.

Creating an inclusive and diverse culture will support the attraction and retention of talented people and improve the effectiveness of the Board.  The Board should include and benefit from differences in skills, training and education, geographical knowledge and industry experience.

Such differences will be considered in determining the optimal composition of the Board and should be balanced appropriately.

The Nominations Sub-Committee reviews and assesses Board composition and recommends the appointment of new Directors to the Board. In identifying suitable candidates for appointment, the Committee will consider individuals on merit against objective criteria and with due regard to the benefits of Board diversity.

As part of the annual effectiveness review of the Board and Board Committees, the Board will consider the balance of skills, experience, independence and diversity representation.

A&B Cymru will report annually on the process it has used in relation to Board appointments and the progress made in maintaining or improving the diversity of the Board. It will also report on its oversight of plans to promote diversity within the workforce to ensure that the individuals working for A&B Cymru are truly representative of the communities served by the charity.

On gender diversity this means that the Board’s aim is to maintain at least four female Board members, representing 50% female representation on the Board.  This exceeds the targets of The Lord Davies Review which aims to achieve 25% female representation. Added to this, A&B Cymru’s Chief Executive is female and 75% of the remaining staff are female.

The commitment to improving the world around us also extends to protecting and empowering people - with the aim of organising a campaign to coordinate and enhance our efforts to promote diversity in recruitment (both in relation to ethnic minority groups and as regards diversity more generally). We will do this by using our existing networks and ensuring we are maximising our efforts to put across a positive message, while also addressing barriers to recruitment and retention through an inclusive workplace environment.

The Board and staff team are wholly committed to ensuring that that 33% of roles on A&B Cymru’s Board should be filled by individuals from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background by the end of 2022, which is fully supportive of the objectives of the Parker Review.