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Creative Internships Blog Week 1

Elizabeth Day, Welsh National Opera

There’s nothing quite like being thrown into the deep end - probably the perfect statement to sum up my first week on the Arts & Business Creative Internship. Fortunately, I love to swim!

My name is Elizabeth Day, affectionately known as Bizzy, and I have been placed with Welsh National Opera as their Development Intern. In my interview with WNO I asked what a typical day in the office was like and was told, there is no typical day - and so far that’s been exactly it!

 The first week was a bit of a whirlwind. I was taken on a couple of tours of the building and backstage, met a lot of people across a lot of departments and given a hefty Induction File to make my way through. Some of the tasks I took on in the first few days of being here included ticket design and research, to general admin and putting together press coverage packs for reports.  On my very first day I was tasked with writing a report on one of our community projects for a foundation that had awarded us grant money. I was clueless! But now, 2 weeks in and several documents up, I’m confident in writing reports for trusts and have gotten well and truly stuck in researching recruitment plans and birthday celebrations for the WNO Friends scheme.

 I’ve mostly been left to my own devices and I love that I can work independently, working on research for my line manager or finding my own projects to write reports on; but there is always someone I can call on to ask for help if I need it. WNO has a really collaborative working atmosphere, with an open plan office and I already feel part of the team. A lot of my colleagues have been in post for less than a year themselves so the experience of starting a new job and settling in is shared which is really nice.

 Coming from a self-employed background with no typically structured working day, to having an office and a desk to work from wasn’t as much as a culture shock as I thought it was going to be. So far, I’ve enjoyed every aspect of the fundraising work I’ve undertaken and feel like I’ve learned a lot.  Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be undertaking some more specific projects in Individual Giving and Trusts and Foundations. One thing is for sure, I’ll definitely be kept busy.

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