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Creative Internships Blog Week 2

Ciara McCafferty, Prime Cut Productions

What makes a successful business? Type this into Google and you get factors such as, ‘marketplace’, ‘product’ and ‘talent’. Talent was the one that stood out for me. Obviously a successful theatre company requires talent on the stage but what about off it? One article by Imperial College Business School describes the importance of ‘talent’; ‘the people must be committed to the company’s objectives and to excellence – the people behind the scenes.’

To me this is the perfect description of the team at the Belfast based Prime Cut Productions. I was thrilled to be joining this small but dedicated team for 10 months after years of admiring the wonderful productions that they had staged. And what a time to join! The day I started most of the team were actually in Ljubljana. This was because Prime Cut’s latest show ‘The Conquest of Happiness’ is a massive project produced in partnership with East West Centre, Sarajevo and The Mladinsko Theatre, Ljubljana. The team were currently in the middle of a European wide tour which would end in Belfast at the end of October. Welcome to the epicentre...thankfully I love a challenge.

At 20 I co-founded my own theatre company, Chatterbox Productions, and so I am always intrigued by the dynamics in other companies. I already knew some of the team at Prime Cut through volunteering on previous productions and I was immediately welcomed by the rest into the family.

From day one it was all go. This was my chance to delve into the Prime Cut archives and learn as much about the company as possible; why they put on the shows that they do, what community outreach projects they work on and where do they look to for funding. For a young person hoping to one day have a company as successful as Prime Cut this was unprecedented access and a (nerdy I know) dream come true.  

As part of my internship my main area will be looking at funding. So far, I have got to know where their core and project funding comes from, researched new avenues of funding for a specific upcoming outreach project and attended a funding workshop at the Belfast City Council. It is energising to be working months into the future when there is so much currently happening in the office with a production still very much in progress.

This week however we have ‘Conquest’ opening on Friday (25th October) as part of the Belfast Festival at Queen’s and I cannot wait for my very first opening night as part of the Prime Cut team. Bring on the after show drinks! 

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