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Creative Internships Blog Week 4

Faye Hobson, The MAC

The MAC is an arts centre with 2 Theatres, 3 Art Galleries, 1 Rehearsal Space, 1 Dance Studio, 3 Education & Workshop Rooms, 4 Offices for Resident Art Groups, 1 Café & Bar, 1 Artist-in-Residence Studio, 1 Permanent  Artwork. Being familiar with these spaces is a really important aspect of my job as Business Development Assistant, which involves fundraising through areas such as Venue Hire, Membership and Sponsorship. Within my first four weeks I have been astounded by the diversity of the activities that take place at the MAC on a daily basis; from conferences and seminars, to theatre productions and art exhibitions, to children’s workshops and dance rehearsals.

As I’m sure you can imagine becoming familiar with such a large and quirky building has been a bit of a challenge over my first few weeks. Luckily for me the induction and training offered to me has been brilliant; I have had the opportunity to accompany the Business Development Manager on tours of the building and to work with the Front of House team who know the building inside out. That is not to say that I don’t still get lost, but I am now confident enough to show clients around myself, and if all else fails there is a very helpful plan of the building in the lift!

My own background is in visual arts, I studied on the BA Photography course at Falmouth University, since graduating I have worked with various arts organisations and festivals. A commitment to artistic excellence is something which is taken very seriously at the MAC and this is something which I have seen reflected at all levels of the organisation. Working within Business Development you might think there would be very little reason for me to know much about the current exhibition ‘The Mystery of Tears’ or the Christmas production ‘HATCH’. I am very pleased to report that this is most definitely not the case; in my first 4 weeks I attended a training session about the exhibition and a run-through of the Christmas production (both of which I highly recommend). My career motivation comes from my passion for arts and creativity; this role at the MAC allows me to see world class art exhibitions, to learn about theatre productions and to be part of an organisation which contributes so much to the arts in Northern Ireland.

My first four weeks as part of the team at the MAC have been action packed, full of new experiences and a little bit of getting lost. I now feel confident in my role as Business Development Assistant and I have learned a lot about the importance of fundraising to the continued sustainability and development of organisations such as the MAC. There are still lots of areas for me to learn about and I look forward to the new challenges that this will bring over the coming months. I will be getting more involved in lots of exciting areas such as Membership, Corporate Sponsorship and Data Gathering. I look forward to my next opportunity to share my experiences on the Creative Internships Scheme.

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