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Creative Internships Blog Week 8

Sinéad Owens, WheelWorks

It’s a well known saying that “time flies when you’re having fun”. Well that’s exactly what is happening here. It’s quite strange to think that my first day as an Arts & Business Creative Intern was just over two months ago. On one hand I can’t believe the amount I have learnt in such a short space of time. But on the other hand, it feels like I have been part of the team, at WheelWorks, for so much longer.

I am feeling extremely blessed to be placed with this astonishing, inspiring company.  For those of you that do not know, WheelWorks is a youth arts organisation working with children and young people aged 4 – 25 who may not otherwise have access to high quality artistic activity. The organisation works in partnership with all types of communities throughoutNorthern Irelandto provide taster workshops and issue based programmes which help young people learn new skills and express themselves through traditional and digital art.

In my opinion it is a fantastic organisation that thrives on helping others. It is an absolute pleasure to work in such a positive environment with co-workers who are enthusiastic and passionate about the work they do. A quote that was taken earlier this year, from a youth leader that participated in a WheelWorks project, proves to me the significance this organisation has in this community,

“The WheelWorks project has changed everything for our club, seeing the success, achievement and positive impact of the WheelWorks project has made us all realise what we can do as a club, that’s the legacy the project has left behind”

Fundraising is an integral part to this company, this I noticed within the first few days of my internship. Since then I have had the opportunity to draft and submit funding applications, complete funding reports, attend fundraising events and workshops, learn about the previous funders of WheelWorks and carry out research into potential future funders. In fact, earlier this week I got word that my first funding application was a success. Woohoo!

My main responsibility here is to look at the renewal of the ArtCart resource; the unique dedicated mobile arts vehicle. The ArtCart gives WheelWorks the ability to reach the most isolated of rural communities and to offer developmental arts activities to young people who would never otherwise have the opportunity. This is a very exciting task as it means I will have a part to play in the inception of the new resource. However that is not my only role in this organisation as I have been given the chance to become fully immersed in the daily tasks at hand. All of which have provided me with great learning experiences; experiences that lend themselves perfectly to my dream of running my own organisation.

 From day one I have been welcomed into the team here and truth be told I have enjoyed every minute of it. Arts & Business NI seems to have made the perfect choice placing me with WheelWorks, well in my opinion anyway. 

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