29 January 2014back

Creative Internships Blog Week 13

Jennifer Kirkham, Chapter Arts Centre

In the last month or so I’ve become somewhat of an individual giving nerd & I have no shame in admitting it. Friend’s schemes, student schemes, donation boxes, donation forms…you name it I’ve looked at it (and probably got over excited about it)

Before Christmas Chapter launched a brand new, 3 tiered, Friends Scheme which kicked off with an exclusive event where current members were invited to find out more information, enjoy some wine and sample some of the delicious food that our Caffi Bar has to offer. Though the planning for this new scheme had started way before my arrival at Chapter I felt an unbelievable sense of achievement when that first transaction went through the till. There was this amazing atmosphere and it was great to talk to our members and hear how much they love coming to Chapter. At the end of the night it was very easy for Elaina, Amy & I to have a toast to the success. Over a month since the launch and we are all pleasantly overwhelmed by the sales figures and how well the new scheme is doing.

Around the same time as the launch I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of our brand new donation box. This was like my big, colourful, money filled baby. When I first started I had done some research into donation boxes; I considered styles, positioning, and choice of words, I researched local companies, met with managing directors and at the end of the day kept my fingers crossed that it would look good! And I was relieved the day it was installed, Dipec Plastics had certainly delivered. I know donation boxes have a less significant impact, but all that change and that £20 note (yes, a whole twenty pound note!) is a little extra to what we didn’t have before. It’s also a great platform for us to remind people that we aren’t just an awesome arts centre, but a registered charity as well.

This is just a tiny proportion of the things I have been up to, and an even smaller proportion of the things I have been researching. Individual giving is an investment source that I am getting stuck into, and I’m really looking forward to the things coming up!    

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