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Creative Internships Blog Week 15

Lauren Webb, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama 

Wow this January has been a bit intense, lots of deadlines to meet but there has been great patience all round and my colleagues have put so much time into helping me. Recently, they have devoted many hours into teaching me how to plan the perfect application structure and how important each individual word is. I am now on a mission to be rid of all the pointless adjectives that find their way into my applications! The development department, here at RWCMD, really value the quality of applications and there is a great emphasis on the importance of a strong initial plan, ensuring the writing is entirely focused on what the recipient needs to know and what I want to tell them. In this way, consideration of my argument has increasingly become central to my work, with “the ask” becoming a more natural part of the detail. 

It has been an intense learning process, whilst simultaneously writing applications to meet their required deadlines. My colleagues, despite their own deadlines, have placed generous amounts of effort in teaching me, which I really appreciate. Already I can see the standard of the applications I have written in the last couple of weeks has improved, following the style my colleagues recommend and working from plans that are much more logical. However, the intensity of the application process is made rather amusing with the tradition of kissing the application before it is sent, and then giving a high five once it has gone!

I have heard that the sign of a good director is the ability to create a piece of writing, straight off and first draft, which conveys exactly what they want to say and in the best, clearest way of saying it. This ability is something I aspire to, I am really enjoying the writing elements involved as a fundraiser and look forward to becoming increasingly assertive with words in this way, using them powerfully.

At RWCMD I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our exciting projects inside out and writing applications to support young people studying at the College. I love the education focus and I am pleased that A&B Cymru paired me with an organisation that bridges arts academic training and public performance. There is a dynamic training programme in place which capitalises on having numerous leading international artists coming to the College to perform, bringing them in to work with our students. All of these opportunities, aimed at the development of the next generation of young talent, have great sponsorship potential. One of the things that have most impressed me is how creative the College is in the benefits it designs for its corporate sponsors.

I have attended a number of corporate networking events in the last couple of months, throwing myself into a number of scenarios where I have had to enter a room full of people, entirely on my own and not really knowing anyone there, and proceed to talk to strangers for hours. As a result, my confidence has grown significantly and, although entering warily, I always leave having really enjoyed myself.

It is rather unnerving that we are fast approaching the halfway point of the internships; I really hope the second half doesn’t go so quickly!

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