20 March 2014back

Creative Internships Blog Week 20

Faye Hobson, The MAC

I thought Christmas was busy at the MAC, but the New Year seems to somehow be even busier! The building is constantly filled with vibrant artistic activities; from a truly inspirational exhibition by the Lighthouse men’s group, to the exciting performances taking place as part of Belfast Children’s Festival, to ‘Lovely Boys Competition’ taking place during MAC Parish Hall.

At the moment I am working closely with Anne McReynolds, Chief Executive of the MAC on fundraising applications. This is a completely fantastic learning experience and I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to learn from someone who has years of experience of working in the arts sector. My learning and confidence is increasing with every application, something which has been further enhanced this month by the opportunity to chair my first Fundraising Planning meeting.   A key part of being able to fundraise successfully is understanding the artistic programme inside out, this has given me the opportunity to work closely with colleagues from the Programming and Learning & Participation Teams to identify upcoming projects. I feel privileged to be working in a venue that has such a rich programme, something which makes my job as a fundraiser that much easier. The only challenge is getting all of the fantastic activities and projects fitted within the word count of the applications.

Another element of the Creative Internships Scheme is the mentoring that each intern receives from a carefully selected business mentor. My mentor is Caroline Armstrong, Development Officer at the University of Ulster. My first mentoring session with Caroline was great; it was really interesting to see how her career has progressed from studying French and Drama at University to her current role at within the Development Department at the University. I am looking forward to meeting with Caroline further and having the opportunity to learn from her varied and extensive experience in all that is fundraising. 

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