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Creative Internships Blog Week 21

Jennifer Kirkham, Chapter Arts Centre

I always use my blog post as a way of reflecting upon what I’ve done since my last one, and looking at my diary I’ve done a hell of a lot. So bear with me…

I created and sent out my first member’s newsletter. Got to empty the donation box. We raised an extra £175.55 that we didn’t have before. Attended the Under Milk Wood A&B event. Got to represent Chapter which I thought was a big deal. Met some great people. Didn’t really understand the film. Went to an exhibition opening. Felt inspired. Went to a Programming Meeting. Found everything exciting and made too many notes. Had lunch with my business mentor. She’s fab. Researched a lot into individual giving again. Ate some soup. Put together a member’s plan for 2014. It’s full of exciting ideas. Launched a Valentine’s offer on memberships. It was really successful. I felt pretty proud. Attended the monthly Box Office Meeting. Had a Chapter team outing for food. Had a lot of fun. The April magazine deadline came about. Made sure we had no changes for it. Another monthly catch up with Becca went by. Met Hannah & Si from Heads Above The Waves to give them some fundraising advice. What they do is great, check them out. Went to Paris. Couldn’t help but smile to myself when I got excited about the donation box in the Notre Dame. First day back caught up with everything that had happened. Attended the Cardiff Business Club with Lynne. Felt quite nervous. Had a great time and met some great people. Listened to a fascinating talk from Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford KCB CBE ADC RAF. Decided I wanted to join the RAF if fundraising didn’t work out for me. Met with Amy & Elaina about creating a business membership for Chapter. All 3 of us got overly excited. Researched . A lot. Ate some more soup. Gave up tea & coffee for lent. Suffered serious withdrawals from both tea & coffee. Substituted it with hot Ribena. Sent out a promotional offer for our student members. Updated our sponsors board. Wrote letters thanking people for donations. Got quite nervous about my half way meeting. Realised how fast the whole internship is going. Had a great meeting. Learnt how to pull reports on E-Tapestry. Adopted a cat which is completely unrelated to fundraising but probably the most adult thing I’ve done to date. Attended the A&B Arts Sponsorship Seminar. Learnt a lot of stuff. Met some lovely people. Ate those really nice biscuits that Eversheds have. Celebrated St Patrick’s Day. Attended our weekly Operations Meeting. Attended another Programming Meeting. Got to work. Contacted the winners of a competition we ran. The prize was given by our sponsors Richer Sounds. Made a box fort with Amy in the office. Genuinely. Made an appointment to meet Andrew Walker and his team at Cardiff Met. Compiled a list of our donors that I would like to contact. Put on the kettle. Made a hot Ribena. Ate a biscuit. And breathe…

So yeah things have been hectic and I’ve definitely had some ups and downs but I’ve loved every single moment. I’m learning so much and making some great friendships along the way. And what I realised from my half way meeting is that I am unbelievably grateful for all the funders, business mentors, Chapter and A&B staff and everybody else who have made this experience not only possible but 100% enjoyable as well. 

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