7 April 2014back

Creative Internships Blog Week 23

Lauren Webb, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

Guess what, sponsoring the arts really does enrich lives! Obviously the most inspiring arts projects enrich the lives of those they reach, and the lives of those who sponsor them are enriched with the knowledge of the lasting difference that they have made in arts education. However, as my internship progresses I realise more and more that, alongside these impacts and the obvious member benefits, sponsoring the arts is just such an enjoyable experience! I know, duh, right? I guess I myself have loved being immersed in a creative workplace so much that I am, only now, thinking more and more about how fulfilling involvement with arts charities is as part of a supporters’ cultural calendar.  

Sponsoring the arts is not a one way donation, their funding not only makes a difference to the project they support, but the supporters themselves get so much back through benefit packages. Getting to be part of creatively devising and promoting such a variety of these benefits is fascinating, and I too get to enjoy so many performances.

In the last 10 days alone I have seen three powerful plays by our acting students and a striking opera by our singers, accompanied by our musicians. The three plays are part of a new season of productions by the Richard Burton Company, our student led repertory group formed of third year students across a number of departments. Our actors, theatre designers and stage managers come together under a student director and create at least 15 productions each academic year. For this latest season the College commissioned emerging writers to create new plays and, following on from 4 days of performances in Cardiff, this week, for the first time ever, the productions are being taken to London.

This new London season and the opportunity to perform new writing has been made possible through the fundraising team at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, who prior to my internship had inspired a joint vision amongst sponsors that the next generation of practitioners are offered the best opportunities for exposure. It is inspiring to be here to appreciate the highly successful outcome of a development team’s hard work. I can see what direct influence fundraising has on these young people’s careers and I feel privileged to enjoy this rather unique experience that bridges fundraising for education and the performing arts. 

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