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Creative Internships Blog Week 27

Elizabeth Day, Sinfonia Cymru

There have big changes since my last blog! I’m continuing on the internship journey with the wonderful Sinfonia Cymru, a progressive chamber orchestra based right here in Cardiff.

I was first introduced to Sinfonia Cymru last October, when us Cardiff based interns were invited to an Arts & Business Cymru event. It was a wonderful evening of networking, meeting corporate professionals and of course seeing the fabulous Sinfonia Cymru. I never knew I liked classical music until I saw this company perform. And I was utterly blown away.

I’ve followed them since, keeping an eye on what they’ve been up to in Cardiff, and feel massively privileged to now be working with this fantastic company. And with a new organisation, comes new challenges and new things to learn!

I’ve been very fortunate to gain lots of experience in writing applications for trusts and foundations over the last 6 months, and now the focus has shifted to individual giving and corporate sponsorship. Working closely with General Manager, Sophie Lewis (who won Orchestra Manager of the Year 2012 from Associated British Orchestras don’t cha know!), we’ve come up with comprehensive and involved fundraising tasks around defining Individual Giving tiers and identifying and developing corporate sponsorship opportunities.

Sophie’s role as General Manager is all encompassing and her wealth of knowledge and experience is inspiring. Shifting from a large organisation to a very small organisation has been a real eye opener experiencing the change in dynamic. Fundraising is a totally different ball game in smaller organisations and I’ve had to dramatically change my thinking which is challenging but very engaging. A smaller company with fewer resources really requires you to get creative! 

It’s a very exciting time for Sinfonia Cymru. Following a significant rebrand in 2012, they’re now working towards building a stellar youth and community programme and have some super exciting, very innovative projects on the go through Sinfonia Cymru Curate. As Wales’ only revenue funded chamber orchestra there is a fantastic opportunity to be part of establishing and growing income streams.

No two days have been the same here so far! Whilst I am here to learn fundraising, there is no separate dedicated fundraising team and everything is very much integrated. I’ve spent a lot of time working closely with the marketing officer to reshape the current friends and patrons offer and there’s a really joined up way of working across the company. That is, the 5 of us that share the office! 

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, settling in and getting to grips with a new company but I’m well and truly stuck in building trust and foundation resources, researching corporate sponsors and developing new individual giving schemes. I’m really excited to see where the remainder of the internship will take me and absolutely loving working with such a dynamic and bold organisation!  

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