22 July 2014back

Creative Internships Blog Week 38

Roisin Daley, Young at Art

It seems like only yesterday I was writing my last blog; time really does pass so quickly.

Recently, myself and the other creative interns met with Arts & Business NI to do a one on one, filmed interview in the MAC. As part of my preparation, I look a trip down memory lane and read through my initial application to be an intern, as well as my goals I had set at the beginning of the program, goals which I felt at the time were slightly overly ambitious and out of reach. However when reading over them, I was amazed to find that I had achieved practically all of them. Looking back on this, I was struck by just how far I have come in terms of my own professional development in such a short period of time. It made me realise that importance of setting objectives and not being afraid to set your aims high.

Before starting the Creative Interns programme, I had volunteered in many arts organisations but always found it difficult to acquire the responsibility and new skills which I constantly craved. With this creative internship I have benefited from hands on training, insightful seminars and inspiring talks through Arts & Business NI, and thanks to my manager Ali, I have benefited from so many new opportunities, skills and experiences. This program has helped me to get work with a local children’s theatre organisation, Cahoots NI where I now work as a fundraiser on a freelance basis whilst balancing my work with Young at Art. I really enjoy working for two such exciting and important local children’s arts organisations, and I do feel that without this internship I simply wouldn’t have had the skills or experience to get this kind of work.

Although the internship has been focused on fundraising, I have also enjoyed working with other members of the Young at Art team, and getting as much professional experience as possible. Recently I have been coordinating my own project; a free creative parent and toddler group, called ‘Culture Babies’ which is taking place in Castlecourt shopping centre over the summer. After fundraising for the project, I’m really excited to be having a go at programming and project managing the events, and so far it’s been fantastic! I’m also very grateful because Young at Art are keeping me on for another few months, so I will be here until mid-October. I feel very positive about the future now and confident in myself as a professional arts fundraiser. In the next few months I have left here, I want to continue to grow and develop my skills.

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