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Creative Internships Blog Week 4

Olivia Richardson, Nofit State Circus

Picture this…
You’re sat at a desk in the rafters of a Church. In front of you a man hangs on a rope from the ceiling…by his feet and behind him, a girl swings on a trapeze while singing ‘Jerusalem’.

Now, I know this is my first experience of a desk job but there is something a tad different about this one in particular, right?

Hello, I’m Olivia and (if you haven’t guessed already) I will be spending my Creative Internship working with NoFit State Circus.

Having just completed a degree in BA (Hons) Photographic Art at the University of South Wales, I was all of a sudden at a major crossroads in my life. Where do I go next? After realising I’d spent 82% of my life so far in the education system, I knew that more university straight away was not the right decision for me and so when I heard about the Creative Internships Programme with Arts & Business Cymru, I jumped at the chance.

I have always been a ‘creative’ so to speak with my main interests being centred on art and music, but the uncertainty of an artists’ lifestyle has always been quite daunting. The Creative Internships Programme bridged the way into a sector that was previously unknown to me and offered me the essential education and experience needed to begin a career in arts fundraising – a seemingly perfect balance between the creative and the corporate.


Even in the brief time I have been with NoFit State I have already learnt so much from my Development Manager, Bethan, and everyone at the company. I have been entrusted with a wide range of essential tasks, have just submitted my first solo funding application and I am feeling like I have an important part to play in the company. I’ve also had some fantastic opportunities to fully immerse myself into ‘Circusland’. On Day 3 of my internship I was stood on a platform 13 feet high, waiting to jump onto the Flying Trapeze (http://instagram.com/p/ta45juncSZ/?modal=true) and by Day 5 I was attempting to ride a unicycle – all in a days work!

It has been 3 weeks already and I am loving every second here. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect place to spend the next 10 months and cannot wait to see what exciting opportunities NoFit State has in store for me!

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