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Creative Internships Blog Week 9

Louisa Turner, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

The past couple of months have flown by. I have be knee-deep in fundraising and loving every minute. I have to admit that full-time employment has taken some getting used to but the College have made me feel so welcome and I really feel part of the team here.

There is so much to learn and my brain feels a bit like a saturated sponge! I really feel like I understand the College’s fundraising strategy now and I have come to know all the many different avenues that the organisation pursues in bringing in income.

At the moment I am working on writing a report to a Trust that has supported an annual music festival here. Starting with a report has really prepared me for when I eventually write a fundraising application as I am learning about all the outcomes and objectives that need to be delivered and how the projects that have been funded respond to the needs and priorities of particular Trusts. I have also been lucky enough to sit in a first meeting with a very large Trust and discuss a potential application for a large sum of money towards a future project. We have since been invited to make an application so I am shadowing all meetings and following the whole process- an exciting thing to watch unfold.

Earlier this month I assisted with the event management of the College’s big performance of Britten’s War Requiem at St David’s Hall on Remembrance Sunday. This event saw every musician in the College involved in either singing or playing in the orchestra and the performance was conducted by maestro Carlo Rizzi. It really was testament to the great work and fantastic opportunities the College provides to its students and it was the perfect way to promote to audiences members our membership scheme, Connect. Current supporters and important individuals attended the post-concert reception, providing me with a great opportunity to practice my networking skills and help ‘sell’ the College, and, of course, thank them for their continued support.

One of my favourite projects so far has been re-vamping our ‘Take Your Seat’ campaign. This campaign allows individuals to make a donation to the college and in turn get a personalised plaque on a seat of their choice in one of the performance spaces. I have been re-writing the copy for a brand new leaflet as well as helping design it. I really love the overlap between marketing and fundraising as I am essentially promoting a campaign and persuading people of the benefits it can bring to them. When it’s finished, I will have something that I can call my own and leave a little bit of my own legacy to the College.

I am particularly excited about an upcoming event in the months after Christmas that we will be planning and preparing for. Unfortunately it is top secret for now! But ‘stay tuned’ and you’ll find out soon!

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