10 February 2015back

Creative Internships Blog Week 18

Elizabeth Day, Sinfonia Cymru

Wow, time sure does fly by quickly these days! Sadly this marks my final blog for the internship as my time on the scheme draws to a close.

For the last few months I’ve been staring at the pieces of a puzzle that I just knew would build an incredible picture if I could just be a bit patient. I’m notoriously impatient, so allowing time for the idea and project to develop has been a steep but excellent learning curve. Now that puzzle is coming together, and this week I’m excited to be meeting with a potential new partner for Sinfonia Cymru to talk over an entrepreneurial project that could not only provide a savvy way of generating sustainable funding but also inspire a new way of working for the organisation.

Spotting an opportunity and being involved in the project planning side, has helped me gain valuable insight and skills in embedding fundraising structures into activity from the beginning. It makes for a much stronger model, working from zero money and finding ways for the activity to be sustainable and generate its own income in non-traditional ways, rather than fundraising against a project that is already programmed. It also removes the financial boundaries that can stifle artistic progression.

My time on the Creative Internships hasn’t just been about learning fundraising: its been about entrepreneurship and spotting opportunities and getting to know people. Fundraising and entrepreneurship for me go hand-in-hand, and if it wasn’t for this scheme and for my placements at both WNO and Sinfonia Cymru and the support of my fantastic business and arts mentors, I think discovering and developing my own potential would have been a much more arduous process. Yesterday I was shortlisted as a finalist in the UK-wide Making Business Happen entrepreneur awards for my work in fundraising and developing The Other Room, Cardiff’s first pub theatre, a testament to the learning opportunities I have been given. But I don’t look at this as the end. In fact, it’s only the beginning. 

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