16 February 2015back

Creative Internships Blog Week 19

Lauren Webb, National Theatre Wales

I am about to reach a milestone in life, and after many months of planning I am getting married on February 7th – the biggest piece of event management I have ever done! In fact, by the time you will all be reading this I will be far away in Thailand, having a fabulous and beautiful adventure!!

NTW is also about to hit an exciting point in its journey, as it approaches its 5th birthday on March 1st. One of the youngest national theatres in the world, we have grown from a two man organisation to a team of 20. 39 productions and 3,349 events later, NTW has established its reputation for, as the Daily Telegraph puts it, reinventing the language of theatre with every show. The beautiful adventure continues this year with such an exciting line up of greatly varying productions - all to be announced in the first week of March!

To make the most of NTW’s anniversary, a significant part of my role is to match up and propose sponsorship of some of our bendigedig 2015 projects (we have also just started Welsh lessons here at NTW)! Just before Christmas I submitted my first proposal for corporate support, having helped on another, and I am currently preparing to make “the ask” for another new partnership.

To ready the way for future relationships we are also endeavouring to hold two large cultivation events, one in London around Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage, our next production that tells the life story of Gareth ‘Alfie’ Thomas, which will be touring throughout spring across Wales and England. The second will be in the Welsh Valleys around a performance that is yet to be announced. So, exciting work ahead!


In the meantime I will be working on a trust application and continuing research into individuals who our board have highlighted as potential new trustees. Overall, quite an active few months lined up, NTW moves so quickly that I am sure so many exciting happenings will have take place just in the time I am away. I might even take my Welsh homework away with me, so at least I am not behind on that!! Hwyl!! 

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