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Creative Internships Blog Week 20

Ava Plowright, Wales Millennium Centre

Culture brings people together. This is something I have always known to be true. Music and theatre have brought about many of my friendships since childhood, and led me to meet people who have changed my life in so many ways. Creating community is one of the true benefits of the arts, and one of the reasons it remains not only important, but essential to society.

Wales Millennium Centre has become a living, breathing testament to the way in which creativity breeds togetherness this week, with the arrival of Home Sweet Home. This quirky project has turned our foyer into a miniature version of Cardiff, built entirely by our young visitors during half term week.


This is a project which has exceeded expectations amongst all of us at the Centre. It is visually so striking, with such high attention to detail – the miniature WMC and Millennium Stadium are particularly impressive! Each of us have been making daily visits to the foyer to see our miniature city as it grows, our days brightened by the cute additions – my own personal favourite is “Mollie’s Fairy House, Made with Love”. The children have all taken such pride in creating their houses, which is heart-warming to see.

The popularity of the project has been the best surprise of all – queues of families have descended on the foyer each morning, to get a chance to make their mark on mini-Cardiff. The hustle and bustle in the Centre this week, with so many children enjoying being creative together, is what this building, and the arts, should feel like. I hope that projects like this continue to happen. Our community deserves nothing less. 

For us on the Development team, the Home Sweet Home project was a really tangible demonstration of the benefit the money we raise brings to the local community. Instead of sitting inside in front of the television, these children were spending their Half Term break doing something truly useful; learning, creating and thriving. Without the money Team Development raises, projects like this simply would not happen. I can’t help but think that local families would miss projects like this if they were to disappear.

At this halfway point of my Creative Internship, I have already learned that arts fundraising is often a difficult job. Difficult yes, but extremely rewarding and completely essential. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, after all.

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