5 May 2015back

Creative Internships Blog Week 30

Ava Plowright, Wales Millennium Centre

Last week, I had my first Personal Development Review at Wales Millennium Centre, which is a six-monthly process undertaken by each and every employee here. Taking the form of a conversation with my line manager, this was an excellent opportunity to sit back and reflect on the journey I’ve been on so far as a fledgling fundraiser.

Before starting the internship, I was really excited about developing my skills in the workplace. I’ve always believed in the value of hands on experience and, on reflection, this has been every bit as valuable as I had imagined. From a bit of a fundraising novice, I now feel I have a good grounding across the development portfolio – from writing a successful application to a trust, to account managing a corporate sponsor and securing a renewal – as well as developing my skills in general, particularly communication and relationship building. Over the past seven months, I’ve grabbed any opportunity presented to me with both hands, and I think this has been the major factor in how much I’ve achieved.

One of the huge positives about the Creative Internship so far has been the many opportunities to reflect upon and monitor my own growth and progress. Meetings with my Business and Arts Mentors, as well as the support networks within my host organisation and Arts & Business Cymru, provide regular opportunities to take stock of my achievements, recognise my strengths and set targets to address my areas in need of improvement. It may not have been apparent at the time, but looking back, these short meetings have had a big impact on my ability to stay on track throughout the internship. Like road signs along the journey, reassuring me I’m moving in the right direction. 

I’ve realised this week that I’m really going to miss this constant routine of reflection once the Internship ends. I’ve decided to put a little bit of time in my diary each month once July has passed, to remind myself to spend a few minutes acknowledging the things I’ve achieved, however small they may be, and remind myself of my targets both short and long term. Being reflective is one of the core values here at Wales Millennium Centre, and I’m starting to realise how important this really is. I’ll definitely carry this forward after the internship ends.

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