13 May 2015back

Creative Internships Blog Week 31

Louisa Turner, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

Corporate Sponsorship.

This is something that has been taking over my thoughts for the past few weeks and months.

Many arts organisations are desperately trying to get businesses on their sides for sponsorship in a way that inspires and nurtures relationships.

The first main question to ask yourself is “Why on earth would a business want to sponsor our arts organisation?” This is a serious question that involves a lot of reflection and, in my situation, has involved a lot of spider diagrams!

There are hundreds of different reasons once you have scratched the surface. We are a creative and inspiring group of people with many stories to tell that clients of a business would love to hear about. Businesses want to offer their clients something completely different, an in the arts, we can provide this. Not only for their clients, but their staff too.

It is a well-known fact that if you have a happy group of staff that feel rewarded and appreciated, they will in turn perform better. Offering businesses a chance to get their staff involved in one of the arts activities you provide already to members of the public, or free tickets to show, can really excite staff members. Not only are you keeping your business happy, but you are also engaging with a new set of people, potential new audience members, and potential new supporters.

Although the business might not see an instant return on investment, in the longer term, sponsorship of an arts organisation can really enhance their brand. The business will be associating themselves with a unique and exciting company and charity. When their potential customers see this, it can only make them think more positively about the company, and give them the competitive advantage.

I won’t lie, it’s not a quick and easy fix, and it takes a lot of time and commitment from the organisation, but when done properly, sponsorship of the arts can be a really powerful thing.

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