20 May 2015back

Creative Internships Blog Week 32

Alexandra Roberts, National Museum Wales

Since my internship began I have spent a lot of time working on grant maintenance and building up an understanding of working with trusts and foundations. In the next few months I will be putting everything I have learnt into practice! I am about to start my first trust application, as well as starting a small trusts mailing to help fund a strand in the St Fagans redevelopment! Grant maintenance has been the part of the internship which I have enjoyed the most so far and I’m really looking forward to getting started and getting hands on experience with the applications! 

We have also been looking into research tools which could lessen the time spent on research and give the fundraisers more time else-where. This research has given us an opportunity to evaluate ways to improve efficiency and keep the team as informed as possible. By using new research tools it also allows us to widen our search and find support for new projects which are completely different to the projects the museum has done before. 

Last week is a great example of the how the museum is trying new projects and widening the scope of information available to our visitors. After months of preparation, ‘Chalkie Davies – The NME Years’ exhibition was finally unveiled and I couldn’t quite believe how well it went. Even on its busiest days I have never seen the museum quite so lively! 

The Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre was filled with guests as Chalkie Davies and Chris Difford discussed the exhibition and Chalkie’s career. Guests were then welcomed into the main hall by live music by DJ Rhoda Dakar before going to see the exhibition. 
It was amazing to see so much excitement surrounding the exhibition, especially as it was so different to the normal displays. The museum had an entirely new atmosphere, and so many new faces. 

Having graduated from a Photography course last year, I was really intrigued to see the museums introduction of photography into its galleries. In the time that I have been here, it has held its first two big photography exhibitions, and is in the process of making photography a much bigger part of the galleries. The first exhibition was ‘Historic Photography Uncovered’ which was received so well, it held historic relevance and really factored into the museums step towards exhibiting the photographic medium as an art form in the museum. ‘Chalkie Davies – The NME Years’ has a contemporary style, with iconic images of musicians, like nothing the museum has ever shown before, and it couldn’t have gone down better. Everyone seemed to have their own story behind the images of musicians, from the concerts they went to, to the records they bought at the time. It gave the exhibition a real buzz and everyone really enjoyed the evening. 

This was the first time the museum had worked in partnership with NME, and the success of the contemporary photographic exhibition brings an opportunity for new visitors to get involved and support the museum. This partnership with NME, along with the partnerships and sponsorship for our recent event in London has given me an insight into the benefits of working with other organisations but also the challenges involved when working with external partners. 

I’m really looking forward to the next couple of months being able to use the skills I have learnt so far here and hopefully learning a lot more before I leave!

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