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Creative Internships Blog Week 33

Olivia Richardson, NoFit State Circus

So, this month there are no metaphors. There’s no imagery or flowery language. There is one sentence alone that sums up this month…

“The trustees have considered your request and have agreed a donation”

Yes, you read that right, fundraising application SUCCESSFUL.

While I’ve been here at NoFit State, I have been fortunate enough to raise a couple of small pots of money and although it is incredibly cliché…’every little helps’.

With this trust letter however, I had applied for a substantial pot of money to make a brand new project happen and thanks to this particular funder, NoFit State are now able to launch the ‘NoFit State Silver Circus’ – and how excited I am!

The Silver Circus is a brand new project that will see NoFit State partner with a local Cardiff residential care organisation to start to resolve the issue of older people not being able to participate in regular activity or the difficulty of access as one grows older. We want to break down these barriers and bring the NoFit State classes to the people who need them most.

‘Silver Circus’ is a series of circus workshops for the older generation. The project will teach new skills to the residents, providing mental stimulation and aerobic exercise while also combatting loneliness and isolation in the elderly by increasing sociability and regular group participation; all in the comfort and safety of their own accommodation. We will work closely with staff and carers to ensure the upmost care is taken throughout the sessions whilst still encouraging independence and fun.

All in all, I am over the moon.
If anything, it is incredible just how much of a boost getting that cheque in the post can be; that confirmation that you are good at your job and you can do it. Also, I learnt this month that a trust or funder will donate the money that they see fit for you to undertake the project, even if this donation is more than you originally asked for!

I guess that the one other thing that has been niggling in my mind over the last month has been, ‘what next?’
My time at NoFit State is sadly coming (very rapidly) to an end and the realisation has hit that I may need to find somewhere new to carrying on my fundraising career.
So, the time has come to start the job hunt and although it is a tad daunting I am incredibly excited to start a new chapter in development.

So…fingers crossed!

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