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Creative Internships Blog Week 38

Lauren Swain, National Theatre Wales

Well, I am sat on stage amongst the preparations for tonight’s Arts & Business Cymru Awards. The tables are laden with decorations, gifts and goody bags – full of donated surprises! The lighting is set and the performing artists are rehearsing. It is looking even better than last year and I can’t wait to see the stunning commissioned awards given out later! One of my responsibilities during the event itself is to give a thank you gift to the celebrities presenting each of the awards. What a lovely way to end my time with A&B Cymru - celebrating another year of arts and business partnerships with 450 guests!

I finished my time at National Theatre Wales in similar style, with the first ever NTW party event in London. We made the most of having a UK touring production by inviting guests to join us at The Arcola Theatre to learn more about NTW. It was a brilliant success – we had a really good turn out and the vibe was exactly what we were hoping for. NTW’s Artistic Director, John McGrath, opened the pre-show reception and then handed over to three individuals who have had their lives changed and amazing opportunities as a result of NTW’s work. This made it a much more casual, authentic and powerful advocacy of the organisation’s extraordinary commitment to support talent across Wales. Following the production we then enjoyed an even more casual after party together. I had the exciting experience of setting up this event, preparing a guest list, invitations and carefully researching attendees so that I could introduce them to the most relevant NTW staff. It was a great last day!

I am now going to be working full-time as a Fundraising Executive for my other employer, The Funding Centre, also based in Cardiff. I will get the opportunity to work with a range of charities in many different fundraising roles. This is a great opportunity for this time in my career, as I will gain a great range of experiences over a comparatively short amount of time, as well as gaining a better understanding of what types of fundraising I most enjoy.

This is now my last blog and I just want to highlight that it is through A&B Cymru’s Creative Internship programme that I have been able to embark on a line of work that I now know I find varied, challenging and very enjoyable. The opportunity they offer has helped me to access work in the arts in Wales and I am so pleased that a whole new cohort will again be able to benefit in the same way from October 2015. Good luck to all of the new applicants – you won’t regret it!

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