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Creative Internships Blog Week 4

Sophie Potter, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

Four weeks into the Arts & Business Cymru Creative Internship, I still find myself in shock to be one of the lucky few graduates picked as part of the scheme. This opportunity is an invaluable one: a chance to immerse myself in the Arts whilst learning about fundraising practises, picking up all-important business skills, and contributing to the sustainability of the Arts in Wales. Although fundraising for the arts was not a role I was previously aware of, it has become increasingly clear the importance of this role in actively participating in the Arts in Wales.

One of the most enlightening aspects of my four short weeks at the College has been to see the Art world from the other side of the glass. As a creative person, I have always found art to be an independent craft – however, since beginning my time as a Creative Intern, is it obvious that those supporting and developing resources around sustaining art in Wales are equal in importance to those with the artistic direction. In this way, Arts & Business Cymru have really captured the ‘missing link’ that can often exist between the Art and the Business worlds.
Witnessing the sheer amount of hard work, dedication and passion that goes into maintaining opportunities for artists of all disciplines has been inspiring. Especially here at the College – as an educational institute, the support behind the scenes is incredible, and this support is mirrored in the calibre of its graduates and the quality of work produced here.

Not having a background in Music or Theatre has enabled me to view the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama with fresh eyes. It is difficult not to be in awe of the scale and beauty of the architecture, and of the high quality of work produced in such a wide range of practices. As well as absorbing as much about the College as I can, I have also been fortunate enough to attend classical music events, watch final year students perform, and explore my favourite part of the College – the Theatre Design department. It is clear that, in order to be a good fundraiser, you must be passionate, enthused and well-informed about what it is that your organisation does. This is a very easy task here are RWCMD. In my short time here I have begun to understand that fundraising is not about reaching targets, it is about sharing your enthusiasm with others, providing them with opportunities to see all the exceptional things your organisation is doing, and enable them to support and be involved with your cause.

One quote, shared by Arts & Business Cymru at the very start of the internship keeps coming to mind – "Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving”, Henry Rosso. It is delightful to see so many people who are able to give, give eagerly, and the sense of pride and ownership they feel through supporting a charity that really speaks to them. I feel privileged to play a small part in these acts of philanthropy, and grateful to Arts & Business Cymru and RWCMD for giving me the opportunity to do so. 

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