4 December 2015back

Creative Internships Blog Week 8

Rebecca Hobbs, Wales Millennium Centre

With Santa’s Grotto and a Fairytale Forest taking over the Glanfa, the Christmas season is well and truly upon us at Wales Millennium Centre. Eight weeks into the internship programme and I am naturally beginning to adopt and apply the organisation's language and mannerisms to my own writing. Now basic training is out of the way and my desk is starting to look well used, through having the opportunity to manage my own individual projects, I am starting to feel like a fledgling fundraiser.

For this blog I thought I’d focus on a workshop that the whole Development team went on recently as it has had a huge impact on our approach to day to day activity. One of the great things about this internship is the network of support that A&B Cymru envelops you in. We are allocated our own business mentor by personality match and arts mentor by suitability within our organisation as well as having full access to A&B’s training programme, but the Centre also offers its own valuable opportunities.

Prior to the UK Tessitura conference, our Development team were lucky enough to have a day’s masterclass with Erin Koppel, former Deputy Director of Development at the Lyric Opera, Chicago, who brought her twenty years of fundraising experience to the table. With an expectation to raise twenty five million dollars a year, Erin’s insight and direct approach to always working towards clarity and resolution made us step back and revaluate our activity.

Rather than a data driven focus, we steered the session towards strategy and organisation, not merely in relation to developing donor motivation and potential but how we work efficiently as a team and whether there were opportunities to streamline our work initiative.

Aside from the day being a great team bonding opportunity, within this one session, we set a new precedence and a lot of ideas that we discussed have already been implemented. One such task that has fallen to me is enabling efficiency for this team, right down to the simplest procedures such as ensuring we always have a clear agenda prior to Team meetings. As a department, we have been unleashed with a fresh motivation and ambition for driving our fundraising targets. By sitting down and discussing our working environment we reminded ourselves of what an asset the Centre is and how passionate we are about ensuring the organisation and its achievements go from strength to strength.

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