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Creative Internships Blog Week 10

Hephzibah Leafe, Venue Cymru

It is scary to think just how quickly 9 weeks of the internship have passed by! I am now feeling well and truly settled into the Venue Cymru team and I am enjoying getting used to the various activities here as we enter the busy Christmas season. The venue and the office are beginning to get festive and excitement is building as the pantomime arrives for 3 weeks on Thursday 10th December.

Venue Cymru is proving to be a great organisation for Arts & Business Cymru to have matched me with. In addition to the fundraising activities here, my background in music and the arts has enabled me to get involved with other areas of interest. This includes organising a group of performance students from Bangor University to provide background music at Venue Cymru’s art and literature weekend, ‘take pART’ on 9th and 10th January 2016. Here, I will also be promoting and hoping to sell more premier cards, the Venue Cymru loyalty card scheme which offers various benefits over the year to theatre-goers.

A challenge I have found so far in my role is allowing myself to adapt to the daily schedule and expectations of a fundraiser. Whether it is planning for an event, researching a potential sponsor or learning about fundraising schemes from other venues, I find myself wanting to have a tangible ‘product’ at the end of the day. I am still getting used to the fundraising process and allowing myself to take the time to plan, prior to approaching a business and to be realistic about expecting a financial result early on. I am witnessing the importance of identifying support and developing relationships first of all, and this takes time.  From what I have seen from existing relationships here at Venue Cymru, they have been developing for months or even years, and it is exciting to see the success in the relationships here.

I am enjoying being in an open office environment, with a friendly and helpful team. Sat with 6 others in the marketing team with various specialist roles, as well as being close to the conference and events team means that it is easy to ask questions to the relevant person which is helpful to my own development within the group.

A recurring theme with all the interns is the discussion of the mentoring support offered through the internship programme. I have personally found that the monthly meetings with Arts & Business Cymru is a really positive way to reflect on what I have learnt so far, on what I am achieving and to identify which areas I am most interested in. By doing so in just the first meeting, I already have a clearer direction as to which projects I wish to focus on, which has helped to provide a timescale in which to build a relationship with a potential sponsor or supporter. I only met with my business mentor for the first time on 9th December, but I am already grateful to have this component as part of the internship and I am grateful for the all the support available from Arts & Business Cymru and Venue Cymru.

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