12 January 2016back

Creative Internships Blog Week 12

Corinne Cox, National Museum Wales 

As we creep towards month 4 (!) I can’t quite believe how quickly my time at Amgueddfa Cymru is going. The further into the internship, and the more accustomed I get to the day to day life of the development department at the Museum, the more I appreciate opportunities such as my mentoring sessions and the blog posts to take a step back and fully reflect on all I have learnt so far.

The great thing about working in a large development department has been the wide range of experiences that I have been able to encounter and the many talented individuals that I have had the opportunity to work alongside on a daily basis. This more than anything has also made me increasingly aware of just how much I still have to learn. As my main motivation for applying to the scheme was to diversify my experience of fundraising, the role has definitely allowed me to learn more about how the various specialisms at the Museum fit together to form a unified whole, providing a well-balanced funding mix which diversifies the Museum’s income streams as an integral part of its sustainability.

Since my last post I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in a range of the different areas from supporting the grants team with reporting to Trusts and Foundations, working on the preparation and delivery of the annual Patrons Christmas event as well as the general administration of the scheme and revising the approach to Visitor Giving at St Fagans.

It is the latter which has surprisingly been the most rewarding (as unglamorous as working on the Donation Boxes initially sounded the work which has come out of our initial plans to simply revitalise the boxes on site to engage staff in promoting the charitable status has been truly refreshing and highlights what fundraising is all about – people giving to people). Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on planning a training session on Visitor Giving for staff at the Museum which has led me to realise just how important instilling a culture of fundraising in an organisation is to the success and sustainability. I hope that buy-in at all levels will allow fundraisers to fundraise more efficiently as every member recognises their own unique role as an ambassador for the fantastic work we’re doing.

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