18 February 2016back

Creative Internships Blog Week 17

Corinne Cox, National Museum Wales

It’s been a busy month at the Museum with plenty of fresh tasks and opportunities to keep me on my toes!

Shortly after my last post, I delivered the first of a series of Training Sessions on Visitor Giving with members of staff at the Museum which has by far been the most challenging and rewarding part of the internship to date! Although I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being really scared beforehand the sessions went really well and I surprised myself at what I’d been able to achieve! We are now rolling out the content in the form of a series of staff briefings across sites as part of our ambition to instil and maintain a culture of fundraising throughout the organisation, whilst enhancing the Visitor Experience and income generating potential in the process. So in short I’ll have plenty more opportunity to hone my presenting skills!

Something which became clear during the sessions was that even amongst employees at the Museum, a registered charity, awareness of the sector is still dominated by the big non-cultural brands such as Oxfam and Mencap. Enhancing staff’s confidence in talking about the charitable status of the Museum, their awareness of how the various strands of the Museum’s work helps to fulfil its charitable objectives and donor’s various motivations to give to us should hopefully impact our ability as an organisation to communicate with our different audiences more effectively be it visitors, donors or partners.

Even though in the discussions, when asked to name a charity, 0 people named an arts organisation when we considered the various motivations visitors may have to donate to the Museum we quickly came up with a wealth of reasons!


We are currently striving for organisation-wide buy-in to fundraising at all levels and I have also enjoyed being involved in rolling out other initiatives such as an internal update for heads of department, encouraging a two way dialogue between the departments and maintaining momentum in our fundraising. Although the Museum isn’t that large an organisation in terms of employee numbers, being Wales wide can often make it harder to feel connected with all staff.

One aspect of the role that I have grown to really enjoy is the research. Be it about a Trust, Corporate or Individual this has been another classic case of enjoying aspects of the role more the more practise I get and the easier it becomes to source the information we need (and filtering what is actually relevant to us!). I am currently carrying out a scoping exercise of the Environmental Bodies that the Museum may be eligible to apply to; with 7 sites across Wales this mini project unto itself will allow me to continue to develop these skills!

I’m truly grateful to both Arts & Business Cymru and National Museum Wales for giving me this opportunity and for their help and support along the way which has enabled me to continue to grow both personally and professionally – Thankyou! 

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