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Creative Internships Blog Week 20

Hephzibah Leafe, Venue Cymru

Since my last blog post, my attention has steered towards funding applications for various educational and outreach projects at Venue Cymru. This has entailed RESEARCH in a number of ways. I have been thoroughly researching trusts and foundations and building up a portfolio of potential applications for Venue Cymru projects. This has also meant identifying whether I am able to apply through Venue Cymru, as a local authority or whether to apply for projects through the Conwy Arts Trusts which is closely linked with the venue.

The other RESEARCH aspect has been to become familiar with the projects (new and continuing projects) that we wish to apply to for grants. As part of this process, I have become involved with monthly outreach project meetings which have helped me to understand about the projects in which I will be aiming to fundraise for. This is really important for when I am explaining the project and aims etc. on the application forms. I have also been identifying the most appropriate trusts for myself to make an application to, in order to be realistic within my given time frame and to play to my strengths. Therefore, I have indentified a smaller grant making trust which specifically supports music projects for the older generation and an educational trust that operates specifically in north Wales.

Without meaning to make the other interns jealous (!), I have been very fortunate to get a place on the Trusts and Foundations Symposium as a Venue Cymru representative, taking place on 9th March. This has fallen at a perfect time for me as I begin the task of completing grant applications and gives me the opportunity to visit on behalf of Venue Cymru and feed back useful information to my team.

Another project I have been committing time to is a music and craft workshop that I am leading on. I have been organising the event as a way to engage children in classical music through fun, practical activities. This is going to take place in the afternoon on Sunday 20th March prior to the BBC National Orchestra of Wales concert at Venue Cymru. The aim is to engage the children in music and encourage them to attend the concert by introducing them to activities that relate to the pieces that will be played by the orchestra.

Planning for this event has been a positive way of learning new skills. These include marketing, event planning, time management etc. It has taught me a lot more about marketing as I have become aware of the various channels available for reaching the most suitable audiences.

Although it may sound like a small achievement, I was delighted that one of our current International Concert Series sponsors agreed to cover the cost of the visual artist for the workshop, whilst myself and a student from Bangor University are leading on the music workshop with appearances from BBC NOW musicians! The sponsor not only financially supports the concert series, but he actively works with us to encourage a younger classical concert audience.

I am working hard to make this workshop as successful as it can be, for the enjoyment of the children, to encourage the growth of a younger audience (and hopefully develop the workshop as a regular activity) and to please our faithful sponsor!

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