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Creative Internships Blog Week 22

Corinne Cox, National Museum Wales

Happy Half Way!

This week marked the half way point of my 10 month internship at Amgueddfa Cymru and I can honestly say I don’t know where the time has gone!

It was really useful to have the opportunity to reflect on just how much I’ve learnt (over such a short period of time!) at my half way meeting earlier in the week where myself, my line manager, business mentor and arts mentor all came together to discuss progress made and next steps to pin down how I can make the most of my remaining time at the Museum, which will no doubt fly by!

For the second half of my internship I have moved over to the grants team which I am enjoying immensely already; from working on my first trust application for the Museum, researching potential funders, attending an EU Funding Seminar (!) and identifying potential projects that fulfil the priorities of eligible distributing environmental bodies identified during our landfill scoping exercise it has already been a fantastic opportunity to see how this side of the team operates and the systems and processes the grants team have in place to ensure this runs smoothly. There have also been a great deal of team changes since I started back in October which has allowed me to get involved with various aspects of the day to day running of the department as we work to fill these gaps.

The trust symposium last week couldn’t have come at a better time, corresponding perfectly with my switch to the grants team. It was an invaluable opportunity to hear first hand from the trusts themselves about what they are looking for and how we can improve our approach to all aspects of the process from project ideation through to writing the application itself. One aspect which I felt was particularly important was linking the work that arts and cultural organisations are doing with wider impact. With pressure on funders, and especially public sector funders, to account for every penny they are spending, highlighting the additional agendas that engagement in arts and cultural activities can fulfil such as skill-building, economic impact, helping people back into employment, addressing health and well-being agendas will be increasingly important to the sector. Continuing to compile research which evidences these cross-governmental benefits will be paramount to the sustainability of the sector.

This focus on wider impact is something which we have been increasingly considering at the Museum. This is not only useful in terms of reflecting on our impact but also informs future applications when we will have a growing base of evidence to support claims about the difference we are making as an organisation and the lives we are changing. As we focussed on at the Symposium the sector needs to provide a strong voice and provide evidence of the difference it can make across agendas. 

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