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Creative Internships Blog Week 24

Sophie Potter, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

Self-reflection, project management and online giving

This month has been all about self-assessment. The A&B Cymru Half Way Review meeting gave me the chance to do some all-important reflection: how far have I come?, what have I learned so far?, have I reached my goals?, and where do I want to go from here?

What’s glaringly obvious is that, within a relatively short amount of time, I have learned an incredible amount about fundraising, about the arts in Wales, about arts organisations as a whole, and about admin/office work. I have worked on a variety of exciting projects, felt like a real part of a team, and have certainly settled in. Thankfully office life is far less awkward than the initial introductory photo implies!

Being a part of a supportive team has meant that I have had the opportunity to dabble in all aspects of fundraising, as well as giving me the space to really think about what direction I would like to take my fundraising career.

One of the challenges of the internship has been to find tasks where I can use my skillset to my best ability, and contribute to the working of the department. Luckily, I am in a position where my team members are incredibly supportive of this, and actively try to find tasks which would suit my personality.

I am a creative person, and I thoroughly enjoy having creative control over things, working on projects that involve elements of design, creative writing and visuals. I have been given the mammoth task that is updating the ‘Support Us’ pages of the RWMCD website. A task which is long overdue, and has been worked on by every member of the team (as well as dedicated Arts Management Students on work placement!), my role is to now collate all this information and plan how to move this project forward. It is a job that is as much about research, project management and project delivery as it is about creativity, and is a welcome challenge to complete before the 10 months are up.

Fortunately, the A&B Cymru Training Sessions on ‘Writing Copy for the Web’ came up at exactly the right time, and I have been able to pick the brains of industry experts from Spindogs on how best to develop our online presence (thank you!). I have also taken charge of setting up a ‘JustGiving’ Charity page for the College, in order to maximise online giving, and to raise our profile as a charity as well as being a conservatoire.

A shift to more emphasis on online giving will provide the department with more possibilities for income revenue streams, with little administrative costs, and will hopefully mean that I am able to contribute to the department long after the internship finishes.


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