25 April 2016back

Creative Internships Blog Week 26

Clio Ryan, Artes Mundi

This month has been important one for me in progress of my internship. I feel as though I have well and truly found my footing at Artes Mundi and with the addition of a new staff member to the small team, I am now, officially not the most recent person to have joined. This has been timed perfectly with an improved sense of self-ability in my role and in completing tasks, I now feel as though I understand better the many processes and steps that must take place in order to fund any activity. As many other months previously, we have been hugely busy and my activities have been incredibly varied between aspects of fundraising and have included the submission of my first trust application on behalf of Artes Mundi. I have also focused on corporate relationships and have enjoyed the process of exploring in depth individual ‘sponsorable’ aspects of the exhibition. Meeting with other fundraisers, I now feel confident to discuss topics that at the commencement of the internship were completely foreign to me.

In a personal way, I also feel as though this month marks a crucial point in the internship, whereby I finally feel a sense of balance between working full-time and maintaining my creative interests. Having left university last summer, this internship has been my first experience outside of full time education, and I feel as though it has allowed me the perfect transitional period whereby I have been able to adapt and understand in a much more general sense, about the operations of an arts organisation that I greatly respect and admire and am better placed to understand how incredibly varied artistic outcomes can be achieved. I have also highly benefitted from working in an environment where artistic discussion and debate flourishes, and director and curator Karen McKinnon readily offers insight and information on contemporary artistic practice.

I feel as though all aspects of my interests are perfectly falling into balance with one another, and after a short period of adjustment to working full time outside of education, and all that this entails, I now feel a renewed sense of balance and awe at how much I have gained so far and I greatly look forward to making the most out of my remaining time at Artes Mundi.

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