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Creative Internships Blog Week 27

Corinne Cox, National Museum Wales

It’s been another busy month at the Museum!

This week my Business Mentor arranged for me to have a mock interview with arts company NoFit State Circus, where he is a trustee. This was a really invaluable experience and made me more aware that soon enough it will be time to consider life after the internship! Despite being slightly nerve-wracking it was a really useful opportunity to practice my interview technique in a safe environment and have constructive (and immediate!) feedback on how I’d performed and have a rerun at certain elements in light of this feedback. I still have lots to work on but it was really beneficial to get some practise, just one of the many reasons this aspect of the internship has been so useful.

As part of the theme of thinking about the future as part of my first session with my new arts mentor Maria, my monthly meet ups with my Line Manager Chris and conversations with other members of the team, we’ve been discussing how they all got involved in Fundraising in the first place. For me, learning from the experiences of others plays a large part in my own development and this again proved useful to reflect on.

Below are a few thoughts from one of my colleagues Annabelle:

What drew you to fundraising in the first place?

I began a community arts charity with a friend in Hereford and we had to raise funds to develop the work we were doing with disadvantaged groups there, so necessity, I suppose!

What is the fundraising achievement that you are proudest of and why?

Funding the replacement of a church roof with improvements to the building such as better disabled access and an exciting project illustrating the story of the people associated with the church and its history back to its mediaeval origins.  It was a lot of money in a competitive sector, but I fully funded the project with a surplus to carry forward to a second phase, installing modern facilities such as heating.

What is it about trusts and foundations that drew you to this area of fundraising?

Together with Lottery applications, which I have done as well, they were appropriate to the projects I was trying to fund.  I enjoy identifying why the project is worthwhile and explaining it to potential funders.

What would your advice be for someone looking to begin a career in fundraising?

You will need to be able to cope with rejection, and learn to read the question and answer it.

There’s also been a lot of change internally within the Development Department since I started at the Museum last October. As part of this it was really useful for me to sit in on the shortlisting of one of the new posts, the Major Gifts Officer. It felt quite strange being on the other side for once and this again has definitely helped me consider the job application process and how to make your application stand out.

With the A&B Cymru Awards just around the corner it will be nice to have all the interns together in Cardiff again to compare our experiences and think about the future. In the meantime I’m sure we’ll all be making the most of our remaining time at our arts organisations!

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