13 May 2016back

Creative Internships Blog Week 29

Sophie Potter, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

Taking some annual leave has given me a chance to step back from the RWCMD offices and have a good think about the internship as a whole. This month I have had a lot of time to reflect on my favourite things about being an A&B Creative Intern so far.

Without a doubt, my favourite part of the internship has been having the security and the space to explore all different aspects of fundraising, whilst being able to shape my role to suit my capabilities. Recently I have been able to use my interest in design and print to enhance and reformat some of our regular correspondence with donors. By redesigning newsletters and working with Marketing to format emails with more visual impact, we encouraged more engagement with current donors whilst providing clearer links to market our website, trafficking donors back to the website to areas that would benefit them the most. Reviewing donor correspondence is an important part of stewardship, to ensure that donors are looked after and kept up to date on the work that your organisation is able to do thanks to their contributions. The A&B Training session with Spindogs (‘Writing Copy for the Web’) certainly helped to give me more confidence in asserting my own skillset, which I’ve been able to use to enhance our fundraising correspondence and to hopefully engage more fully with our donors in a clear, modern and meaningful way.

I have also been able to put my background in illustration and print to use by helping print souvenir Photobooks to send as ‘Thank You’ gifts to guests who came to the RWCMD Buckingham Palace gala in February (see here for that busy month’s blog!), as well as helping to update and print our Connect membership information booklets.

Bridging the gap between fundraising and marketing has been something I have really enjoyed, as it has allowed me to confidently bring my own skillset to the table to contribute to the work of the department. As RWCMD is an organisation big enough to have both marketing and fundraising departments, it is easy to separate the two, however in many smaller organisations the roles overlap. For this reason, this has also been hugely positive as a preparatory exercise as we near the end of the internship, to make sure I have had as much practical experience as possible.

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