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Creative Internships Blog Week 40

Rebecca Hobbs, Wales Millennium Centre

For a final mentoring session - and the perfect opportunity for Kerys to get her own back after all the hours of creative planning for these meetings - we looked at the art of putting together an effective presentation. Little to my knowledge, she’d booked a meeting room and invited the whole team to watch a presentation I would be giving two hours later on a relevant topic of my choice!

Being given a last minute task like this ten months ago would have left me in state of panic as I wouldn’t have had the time to script exactly what I was going to say, but after the experience I’ve had this year through interacting with supporters and managing my own projects, I’ve learned to step away from the script every now and again and start to trust my own instincts. Ultimately, donors want sincerity not a staged performance. In the spirit of this, I thought I’d reflect on my time at the Centre and all that I’d learned along the way which was a lovely way to round off the internship.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy and I can safely say that this year has been my biggest challenge to date. Whilst I didn’t really know what the role of fundraiser entailed when I applied to the internship, I seem to have stumbled across my perfect career path. I get to write, mix with interesting people, think creatively, see world class performances and be moved and inspired on a daily basis. 

I’m so grateful that my time at the Centre isn’t coming to a close today. Instead, it’s an exciting conclusion to the internship and I’m very excited to start my two new roles next week. It’s been a privilege to work in such an inspiring organisation with such a fun loving and hardworking group of people who are now friends as well as colleagues. Diolch yn fawr for welcoming me into the family from the word go and for making the transition from university to the real world so enjoyable.

Last but not least, a huge thank you Arts & Business Cymru for pulling my application out of the pile and placing me in the perfect organisation to start my career. This scheme really is the biggest stepping stone out there for Arts graduates in Wales and I’ve no doubt that the internship will continue to thrive in the years to come.

And to the next cohort of interns, enjoy it, grab it with both hands, learn from the people around you, interact with your fellow interns and most importantly challenge yourselves. You’ll be surprised at what you’re able to achieve. 

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