22 September 2016back

Creative Internships Blog Week 1

Bethan Lewis, Artes Mundi

And So It Begins……

Settling in to my desk, meeting my fellow colleagues and beginning to get used to office life has kept me busy this first week of my creative placement.

Being placed with Artes Mundi is particularly exciting as I’m so familiar with the incredible work they do in bringing the best of contemporary art to Wales. Being part of the process of seeing this amazing exhibition come to life is beyond exciting and is something I regard as an honour, so first and foremost thank you for accepting me into the team at such a busy point in the Artes Mundi Calendar.   

With the exhibition launching in less than 6 weeks, there’s lots to be done. Not only is it vital to understand the current fundraising campaigns that are in place it is important to fully understand each of the 6 shortlisted artists featured in Artes Mundi 7: this year’s exhibition, their current and past works and their motivation for creating these works.

This is especially important for cultivating potential new fundraising avenues that could be explored to support future projects.  

So it seems I have my work cut out for me in the coming weeks but I am ready to jump in head first as I become the newest member of the Artes Mundi development team. 

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