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Creative Internships Blog Week 2

Eleanor Prescott, Wales Millennium Centre

Hi, I’m Eleanor, the new intern at Wales Millennium Centre. I only started working here little over a week ago - but it already feels like I’ve been here for much longer than that as I’m learning so much already. The team here, from where I’ve been placed in Development to across the Centre as a whole, have been very welcoming and generous with their time to teach me how the Centre operates inside and out, and there’s so much to get stuck into. It’s a very warm and collaborative work environment to be in and I can already tell I’m going to get a wealth of new knowledge and skills out of the next 11 months.

So far, I’ve shadowed various members of staff and attended meetings on everything from show sales to food and drink suppliers. It’s been hugely beneficial to have set up meetings with individual members of the team and learn about their roles, giving me a more well-rounded idea of just how much work it takes to put a project together and how everyone on the team has an individual impact on its success. A lot of the focus of my first week has been on Business Development as I’ve been placed within that side of the team, but I have also had the opportunity to start thinking about Philanthropy too and my individual giving objectives for the year. I’ve enjoyed both and am excited about upcoming projects on both sides, but as a big personal objective for me this year is developing my business skills and understanding, I’ve found learning about the corporate fundraising side of things to be especially interesting so far.

As anyone reading will no doubt be aware, Roald Dahl’s City of The Unexpected certainly exceeded everyone’s expectations over the weekend to become an event that children and adults alike will remember for years to come! Wales Millennium Centre and National Theatre Wales had their work cut out for them with the massive turnout - but it was exciting to see the vibrant end result of what has been a monumental project two years in the planning. The event simply wouldn’t have been possible, especially not free to enjoy, without the hard work of fundraisers and contributions of others - of which the Centre’s Development team raised a whopping sum towards, and that A&B Cymru contributed funding for through their CultureStep scheme. Tonight (23rd Sep) I’ll be attending a fundraising event for a new production in the works that the Centre is raising money for at Cardiff Castle, so after seeing the end result of COTU, I now get to watch a project grow from square one in a fundraising capacity as well.  

In the upcoming weeks I’ll be meeting with corporate partners, having a tour of the building and the Wondercrump exhibition, and also be getting to grips with Tessitura, the arts enterprise software system which the Centre uses for ticketing and membership management amongst other things. It’s a fantastic time to join the Centre, and I’m really excited about what’s to come.    

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