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Creative Internships Blog Week 3

Alex Roberts, National Theatre Wales & Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

I’m now starting my 4th week at National Theatre Wales for my strand two internship, and so far it has been a great experience. My placement allows me to work within a much smaller arts organisation so I can gain a stronger understanding of all areas of running an arts charity.

With no full time fundraiser employed, NTW gives me the opportunity to really take initiative and explore potential fundraising areas.  It’s a great way of utilising all the skills and knowledge I have already learnt, whilst finding a way of using my time to its full potential to benefit the organisation while I am here.

The next 11 months hold a range of opportunities to allow me to grow and learn as a fundraiser and make sure every moment is focused on and encourages my professional development. I will be working on a range of tasks, from assisting in writing a development strategy, to exploring individual giving possibilities and making funding applications.

My first week here was somewhat bizarre, as it was the week of City of the Unexpected. It was probably the best time to join the organisation as they are all immensely proud of one another and of NTW as a whole. The community involvement is a hugely comforting reminder that people do care about and appreciate the work created in Cardiff. From the huge numbers of individuals who got involved in the event, to A&B Cymru supporting the project through the CultureStep scheme, everyone found a way of getting involved in the weekend and supporting NTW and Wales Millennium Centre in their ambitious co-production.

I’m excited to see what else NTW has in store, but it is pretty safe to say it’s going to be an exciting 11 months and there is a huge amount for me to learn!


This year I will be doing two creative internships, placed at National Theatre Wales three days a week and Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama for the other two. This is an incredible opportunity for me to put to use all of the knowledge I learnt from my first placement at National Museum Wales, whilst continuing to develop my skills at two very different arts organisations.

So far, it’s been great.  The tasks I am doing for each organisation complement the work at the other, allowing me to really look at each piece of work from a wider perspective and consider the context of my fundraising activities within the arts scene of South Wales.

The projects I will be working on at RWCMD have been very carefully considered to ensure I make the most out of my two days here, some allowing me to build on the skills I already have, and some giving me the opportunity to learn and develop skills in new areas of fundraising.

One of the learning aspects that RWCMD provides is for me to learn about higher education based fundraising and how arts fundraising and education work together. This is completely new to me, and brings an entirely new set of challenges and opportunities for me to learn from.

I’ve only been here for three weeks, so I’m still at the start of my learning here, however from my experience so far I can already see how rewarding fundraising within RWCMD will be. To be able to see the students perform and learn on a daily basis, and to see the excitement of new students just starting out really hits home how worthwhile fundraising here is.  I’m very excited that I get to be here for the next 11 months!

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