13 October 2016back

Creative Internships Blog Week 4

Clio Ryan, The Gate Arts Centre

It’s a strange feeling today to be writing a blog about The Gate and not Artes Mundi, although equally, I find it hard to believe that I’m only a few weeks in my new surroundings. Perhaps it’s the great difference between the two organisations that makes my experience at the Gate already very different to that at Artes Mundi.

Everything from the physical space, the difference between venue and non-venue based activity, and the difference between the activities of the two organisations stand in stark contrast, yet day to day activities haven’t changed a huge amount; I’m still looking for suitable trusts and foundations to apply to, still working on applications for both project and core funding, still actively considering sponsorship, individual giving and membership.

One of the main differences however, is that while Artes Mundi relies primarily upon fundraising activity, The Gate is currently hugely reliant upon earned income, meaning that fundraising has not, historically, played a huge role in the organisation. I see this as a huge opportunity (and equally a responsibility); hitting the ground running, I am thoroughly enjoying the chance introduce the principals and techniques that I have learnt in the past year.

Meeting my business and arts mentors, I feel incredibly supported in my new role, and must admit I am incredibly excited by the coming year.  Having never had staff to solely work on fundraising before, I hope that over the course of my internship I can make a significant and tangible impact on the organisation, as a catalyst to impact for the better my local community. ‘Empowered’ is my word of the week….

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