24 October 2016back

Creative Internships Blog Week 5

Nathan McCarthy, Sherman Theatre

As a Drama Student from South Wales I’d often been to The Sherman Theatre to see their edgy, bold work. If you had told me when I was 16 that I’d be working there as part of the team one day I’d have never believed you!

The wonderful thing about this internship is how much I’m actually learning without even realising it.  On the A&B Cymru induction day I heard lots of business terminology that was completely new to me.  I found this quite scary and discussed this with one of the Strand 2 Interns.  She reassured me that no-one expects us to know the answers at this stage – we’re here to learn.  Now, after nearly four weeks I already feel as if my understanding is becoming clearer every day!

In the office, I have been tasked with researching trusts, foundations and local businesses to fund two upcoming projects. We’ve also been working on a cultivation event and installing new donation boxes in our foyer.

I’ve also attended some really useful events in the last month - 2 fundraising training courses, the press night for the Sherman’s current production, The Weir, and a meeting of fundraisers from arts organisations across Cardiff.  The meeting was a great way to meet people working in the sector with all different levels of experience.

It’s been a varied first few weeks and I’m really enjoying being part of the Sherman team.  

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