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Creative Internships Blog Week 8

Alex Roberts, National Theatre Wales & Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama 

At National Theatre Wales I have been working on an online giving campaign, trying to help diversify the funding streams and find an approach to individual giving that’s in line with NTW’s current relationship with their supporters. 

Since starting my internship at NTW it has been clear that this is an organisation that celebrates new ideas. It embraces the new, changes with the times and works hard to understand and reflect the communities it finds itself within. 

That’s why we are fundraising for the growth and exploration of new ideas, not just for the final production you see at the end of the project. The production might be the destination but it’s not the only aim, and it’s not the only part of the process which needs funding. Exploring ideas and growing them into creations can be an expensive process, and we need to raise the money for our next season, which our new Artistic Director Kully Thiarai will announce in the Spring. 

We want to hear and develop more ideas, work with more people, explore new places and experience new communities – and we are fundraising for this through our Invest in New Ideas campaign. Have a look at what I’ve been working on and see the ways that donations can help our creative process. 




The Creative Internships are a great opportunity to face challenges and learn on the job whilst being in a supportive environment. One of the challenges I’m facing at RWCMD is learning how to write for new audiences. I’m currently working on a piece of writing which needs to be personal and informal, whilst asking for donations. This isn’t something which comes naturally to me, and every time I try and write informal text it feels strange.  In my mind, this kind of conversational writing only works when it is a two way conversation. Yet I read informal text every day, through social media, adverts and marketing, and don’t feel the same when I’m the reader.

It all comes down to writing confidently, knowing your audience, and having the ability to put yourself in their shoes and see what it is they are looking for, what might spark their imagination, and what might be their motivation to give. Being able to write for different audiences is hugely important when it comes to donor communications. To be able to determine what kind of writing your audiences will respond to maximises your chance of receiving donations and maintaining a strong relationship with them.

Writing for a variety of audiences gives me the opportunity to learn how to adapt my writing, and really consider the audiences I’m addressing.  Hopefully this is something I can continue to learn and practice throughout the rest of my internship!


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