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Creative Internships Blog Week 13

Alex Roberts, National Theatre Wales & Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

This past month at RWCMD has been a really great opportunity for me to get a much stronger understanding of everything that happens here and how insanely talented the students are. In the past few weeks I have been to seen the Dame Shirley Bassey tribute concert, ‘The Big Band: 100 years of Jazz’, The Christmas Brass concert and even a behind the scenes Opera performance.  

Working at and attending these events have given me the chance to meet some of the members of our individual giving scheme, Connect, and some of our other supporters and see how invested they are in the students education.  The opportunity to watch the students perform, and even speak to the students about their course and performances allows donors see the direct impact their support is having.

I have also been using Grantfinder, a research tool we have recently got which I will be using over the course of my internship. So far I have found it to be a brilliant tool and will be making sure that we are aware of all funding which is currently available to us, a research task that is often too cumbersome for a busy fundraising team to keep up to date. I will also be using this information to be making trust applications to support the College’s work and will hopefully be making my own application soon!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas! 


Despite being a National organisation, NTW is still a young company with quite a small team, so there are areas of fundraising yet to be explored. When looking into the approaches which NTW might take, or even when I am working on applications and individual giving, one of the main aspects we need to consider are the ethical implications and how these methods lie within our company’s morals and values.

At NTW, values are at the heart of everything. Every action is considered with the environmental impact in mind, and they make a huge effort to ensure everything is in line with their values, from the soap in the office, to equal opportunities when employing new staff.

Having worked for large organisations previously, I was used to these decisions being made at a senior level and the consideration not being as present in day-to-day work. I am now learning to look at all areas of my work from a wider perspective, which is a great way for me to make everything I write and do well-considered and accurately representative of the organisation, a skill which will be invaluable in a career in fundraising.

I’ve also had the opportunity to attend an access forum, set up by staff at NTW to create further discussions on how organisations can make their work more accessible, and how to look at accessibility as part of a project from the beginning, rather than as an afterthought. This was a really informative and eye opening forum, and just one example of how NTW is providing me with a well-rounded and truly valuable experience.

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