24 January 2017back

Creative Internships Blog Week 16

Clio Ryan, The Gate Arts Centre

Christmas has been an incredibly busy time for us, and as well delivering our Christmas Show that saw over 8,000 come through our historic doors in under 4 weeks, we finished 2016 with a number of funding successes. This has been great to be involved with and, for example, with the installation of a brand new projector from the BFI Community Cinema Equipment Fund, it’s great to feel like I am making a tangible contribution to the organisation. The physicality of what fundraising can achieve is certainly a huge advantage of this line of work and for anyone interested in making ‘a difference’ I would say that it can be hugely rewarding (less easy to swallow are the applications that involve months of waiting only to receive a ‘no’…).

Diving straight in, as another year begins, we have already begun to mention January 2018. The new year brings with it a lot to do, and as we look ahead, already I’m starting to feel like time is starting to fly.

Working primarily on trusts and foundation applications this week, I’m beginning to feel like I really know what I’m doing and I’ve really enjoyed working with my manager on fundraising strategy. I’ve always enjoyed the research aspect to the job and I find it really exciting to explore the possible options. As always multiple strands are ongoing simultaneously and the diversity of workload also helps to make the day-to-day workload exciting.

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