5 May 2017back

Creative Internships Blog Week 30

Clio Ryan, The Gate Arts Centre

The past few weeks has seen quite a bit of change at The Gate!

First of all, it has seen the rather exciting transformation of our café space, thanks to incredible support from The Jane Hodge Foundation.  Originally furnished with hard wooden restaurant tables and chairs that were both impractical and uncomfortable, the space is now much more friendly and inviting. We now have long communal tables, benches and lovely stackable chairs, armchairs for the cosy corner and a freshly painted bar. We are thrilled with it!

The past few weeks has also seen me deliver my first community activity that I’ve worked on for some time alongside our generous sponsor, Western Power Distribution.  A year-long programme of free monthly community sessions called ‘Brew’ kicked off this week with a wonderful tea party that was enjoyed by local residents. With added support from many suppliers including Tesco, Parsons, Eames Vintage Tea Hire and Dough, we were able to go the extra mile with sandwiches, several varieties of cakes, beautiful tea sets and an all round lovely afternoon.

In the past week we have also received the incredible news that The Oakdale Trust will be supporting our week long Summer Youth Theatre Camp in August. We are absolutely thrilled to be able to deliver this project and the support of The Oakdale Trust means that we will be able to offer bursaries to attend the camp and work with a director and theatre production company who are outstanding at what they do. 

Having delivered the first Brew session, my focus now returns to core funding priorities, and sponsorship for our Christmas Production that in many ways is the highlight of our year and magical time in the building. Recent training courses with A&B Cymru have prepared me well for working in the field of sponsorship and I look forward to working in partnership with more businesses.  

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