2 June 2017back

Creative Internships Blog Week 34

Clio Ryan, The Gate Arts Centre

This month as ever has been packed with various fundraising projects at The Gate. My focus has been on sponsorship, core funding and project funding for Christmas at The Gate, a magical time in the building during which we welcome over 8,000 children from across South Wales.  I have also been implementing some changes, such as the introduction and design of our charity box and associated ‘ask’.

This month I have also undergone detailed training on PatronBase, a system used for bookings, CRM, online processes and general venue management. This was incredibly useful as I can now make much better use of our data and audience information. I now have the ability to change the wording on our online donations ask and have been testing new approaches. Partially daunted by the magnitude of possibilities this training has opened to me, while equally incredibly excited to get stuck-in, I will definitely be making use of PatronBase on a daily basis from now on! 

I have also hosted the Cardiff Development Forum here at The Gate, a wonderful opportunity for arts fundraisers across the city to come together and discuss common elements of our work as well as the traditional fundraising-related game that featured a meticulously prepared ‘fundraising bingo’  (the brain-child of Sarah Chew, my manager). Needless to say, much fun(draising) was had…

On a more serious note, an important topic of the meeting was the upcoming legislation surrounding data-protection and the impact this will have on each of our organisations, with interpretations and finer points of the impacts uncertain even amongst experts, there will be significant changes necessary in the utilization and collection of data.

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