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Creative Internships Blog Week 36

Alex Roberts, National Theatre Wales & Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

This past month at NTW I have been busy working on the continuing development of our Invest in New Ideas campaign through planning how to reach more donors, as well as working on trust applications and researching further funding possibilities.

This week I also attended a training day to help prepare for changes to the data protection regulations coming into action next year, and it is clear that these changes are going to have a huge impact on how charities function.  

One of the main things I took away from this training is that organisations will be handing the control of how data is used back to the donors and customers. A lot of people have lost trust in charities when it comes to data and transparency, and there are charities who have been known to receive a ‘one-off’ donation via text message, only to then call their donor on a weekly basis for the next few months or sell their details on to other companies. This has a knock-on effect on all charities trying to raise funds and gather data, and possible donors may avoid donating online or by text, or at all. So, although these changes will mean a huge amount of planning, resource and work for organisations, it will hopefully create a much safer and more honest standard of handling data, and it may also lead to people trusting charities more.

We’re now approaching the last 2 months of our placements and have the Arts & Business Cymru Awards coming up, so I’m sure the next month will be a busy one! I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can do in my last couple of months as an intern.


This past month at RWCMD there has been a big focus on events. For the annual President’s Dinner I was responsible for managing the event on the evening, mainly ensuring that the guests were having a nice time, all of the performers and speakers were cued in time and in the right place, and generally making sure the evening ran smoothly. This was really great to get this experience in event managing, and it was lovely to see many of the supporters of the college join together and celebrate the work of the college.

This event focus seems to be continuing throughout the next month with two more RWCMD events coming up as well as the A&B Cymru Awards Ceremony on the 23rd, which will be another great opportunity to come together and celebrate the achievements and partnerships of organisations across Wales.

Last week, organisations were invited to apply to the Creative Internships Programme 2017/18, which makes it seem like no time at all until we finish our placements and the new interns begin their fundraising journey! If you are thinking about applying for a creative intern in your organisation, or you’re an arts graduate looking to explore a career in arts fundraising, don’t hesitate to apply! As I am nearing the end of my strand two placements I can honestly say it has been a great way to learn all about arts fundraising and a great experience all round. 

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